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California Audiovisual Preservation Project


In partnership with nineteen libraries and archives listed below, the California Preservation Program is undertaking a one-year (October 2010-September 2011) project to provide digitization and access services for historic California audiovisual recordings to serve as a prototype for an ongoing program. The goal is to develop a sample online database of film, video and audio recordings. The database will provide “glimpses and whispers” of our state’s rich audiovisual heritage with the implication that there is much more to be mined and discovered. We must save our audiovisual heritage before it is too late; historical recordings are threatened by fragile physical condition, format obsolescence and the lack of playback equipment.

The Project seeks to gather best archival practices for moving image and sound preservation and establish low-cost, practical, standards to help organizations move from the analog age to the digital age. Storage of files for preservation and access will be provided by the Internet Archive and the Online Archive of California for teaching, research and study. Funding was received from the California State Library and the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program at New York University.

Partner Libraries and Archives


  • Guidance on creation of good digital collections following NISO recommended practice
    • Intellectual property best practice
    • Descriptive, rights and technical metadata standards
    • File format recommendations for long-term preservation and access
    • Quality assurance for new files
  • Coordinating and funding digitization with vendors
  • Facilitating storage of files and associated metadata via third party repositories
  • Recommending practices for digital audiovisual collection care and preservation



Director: Barclay Ogden, California Preservation Program,

Coordinator: Pamela Vadakan, California Preservation Program,

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