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Emergency Preparedness and Response

1. Pocket Response Plan for Collections

This one-page template is adaptable to any size institution with heritage collections, providing ready access to important phone numbers and immediate response steps.

2. Disaster Plan Appendices

Workshop Appendices are used to supplement the Pocket Response Plan.

3. “Protecting Library and Archive Collections” Videotaped workshop

Taped version of WESTPAS 2009 Richmond, California 2 day workshop available for viewing and downloading. Includes handouts and related documents.

4. Disaster Plan Template

The Library Disaster Plan template is to be used in conjunction with the Disaster Planning and Preparedness Guidelines to prepare institutional emergency plans that include collections priorities and disaster response procedures.

5. Disaster Resources

Other sites to visit for sample disaster plans, case histories, supplies and suppliers, bibliographies and other disaster related documents.

6. Generic Disaster Plan Workbook

The Generic Disaster Plan Workbook is based on the IELDRN Generic Disaster plan and provides a framework to assist institutions in writing their own disaster plan.

7. Disaster Plan Exercise

This can be used to test an already existing disaster plan and train staff on the handling of an emergency.

Disaster Plans Created in CPP Workshops

These disaster plans were completed in workshops run by the California Preservation Program and WESTPAS.

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