1. The California Preservation Program History and Plan

In 1992 a task force was formed by the California State Library to design a preservation program for California to meet preservation education, training, and assistance needs. The resulting California Preservation Program (CPP) has received funding from the California State Library since 2001.  For current goals of the CPP, see Goals.

The California Preservation Program was honored to receive the 2011 George Cunha and Susan Swartzburg Award for Collaborative Preservation. The award reflects years of work by many people across the State of California and throughout the national preservation community. The Citation, sponsored by The Library Binding Institute, and the CPP Steering Committee at its Fall 2011 meeting at the California State Library in Sacramento, CA:

CPP ALA award 2011 

2. About CPP Governance

The California Preservation Program is guided by the CPP Steering Committee,  which maintains the CalPreservation.org website, offer training in disaster preparedness and response, and provides assistance with preservation needs assessment surveys and program planning. For current CPP services, click here.