Collections Maintenance

1. Basic Repair

A bad repair can do more harm than good to the very materials it seeks to preserve. This unit describes how to select items for repair, principles for responsible book repair and links to sites with training documents.

2. Commercial Library Binding

The Library Binding Council is the premier information resource on library binding.  See the Library Binding Standard and  the Guide to the ANSI /NISO/ LBI Library Binding Standard.

3. Mold

The damage that mold causes to library and archive materials–not only paper but just about every organic material found in collections–can be severe and is frequently irreparable. This unit links to documents on the topic.

4. Pest Management

Today, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) has become the key strategy for managing insects. This Unit describes the elements of a successful IPM .

5. Collection Preservation in Library Building Design

This guide provides information about how to better incorporate collection preservation aspects into library building projects.