1. California Audiovisual Preservation Project
          A statewide initiative to provide digitization and access services for historical California moving image and audio recordings. Funding was received from the California State Library and the Moving Image Archiving and Preservation Program at New York University.
        2. California Preservation Assessment Project
          A preservation assessment of the collections, including scope and scale of preservation needs as well as recommendations, is an essential first step to create a plan for enhanced collection care as well as a frequently required preliminary step for further preservation grant funding.
        3. California Heritage Protection Project
          A project to mitigate hazards and improve disaster preparedness among California cultural and historic resources. Funded by the California Office of Emergency Services.
        4. California Revealed Project
          An initiative to help California’s public libraries, in partnership with other local heritage groups, digitize, preserve, and serve online historically significant Californiana (e.g., books, documents, audiovisual recordings).